Low prices of maize in Eastern province disappoints ZNFU

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has expressed disappointment at the low price farmers in some parts of the Country have begun selling their maize produce.

Jervis ZimbaZNFU president Jervis Zimba says his union has established that in some provinces such Eastern province a 50 kg bag of maize is being sold at K50.

Mr. Zimba notes that this is an indication that the 10 percent punitive tax government has introduced on maize exports has hit the farmers.

He says ZNFU is concerned that taxes government is imposing on the Agriculture sector seem to be disadvantaging farmers.

Mr. Zimba states that the ZNFU’s appeal to President Edgar Lungu is therefore that he ensures the removal of the 10 percent tax on maize exports.

He says as things stand farmers are getting a raw deal when they sell their with such a tax in place.

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