Daily Archives: April 16, 2017

Vettel beats Hamilton in Bahrain thriller


Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel won a hectic and thrilling Bahrain Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton’s hopes were hit by a penalty for gamesmanship. Hamilton was penalised five seconds for driving deliberately slowly on pit entry and holding up Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo. Serving it at his second and final pit stop, Hamilton rejoined in third place. Team-mate Valtteri Bottas, off his ...

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Harry Styles single topples Ed Sheeran


Harry Styles’s debut single Sign of the Times has broken Ed Sheeran’s 13-week spell at the top of the charts. The One Direction star has achieved his first number one as a solo artist with this release – the first from his self-titled debut album. His song sold 3,000 copies more than Sheeran’s, with just under 40,000 downloads and 3.5 ...

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US ‘working with China’ over North Korea


The US and China are working on a “range of options” on North Korea, the US top security adviser has said, as tensions mount over the country’s nuclear and missile programmes. Lt Gen HR McMaster told ABC News there was consensus with China that this was a situation that “could not continue”. The comments come after a failed missile test ...

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Sambo urges PF to use Easter to preach reconciliation

Reuben Sambo

The ruling PF has been urged to take the lead in using this year’s Easter period to preach reconciliation and unity in Zambia. MMD faction National Secretary Rueben Sambo says his party believes that this is the right time to look to God and see what He would want the Zambian people to do. Reverend Sambo says in spite of ...

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Remain peaceful, Saunders urges Zambians

Dante Saunders

Zambians have been urged not to allow the current political tension in the Country sway them way from being a peaceful and united nation. Political activist Dante Saunders is urging Zambians to be wary that the political tension has reached the extent of prompting declaration of a state of emergence in the Country. Mr. Saunders says his observation is based ...

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Zambia is going in a wrong direction – Milupi

Charles Milupi

The opposition ADD has observed that what has happened in the last two weeks in Zambia is indicative that the Country is now going in the wrong direction. ADD leader Charles Milupi is personally saddened and frightened by the direction and the speed by which the Country is doing so. Mr. Milupi says he has taken note that those that ...

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