Regional Politics worries Oasis Forum

Fr Cleophas Lungu

Fr Cleophas Lungu

The Oasis Forum has noted with concern the degeneration of national identity in the face of tribal and regional politics in the country.

In a statement, Oasis Forum Chairperson Fr Cleophas Lungu says today the country is seeing public officers such as the police, whose role is to protect every citizen from danger, refuse to discharge their functions impartially and professionally.

Fr. Lungu says parliament is equally divided on party lines that there is no strong and effective participation in parliament by those elected to represent the Zambian people.

He adds that leaders who profess to be Christians are following a path that only leads to darkness, destruction and despair, with the Zambian people being the ones to suffer.

He states that the seed of division that is being sown for political gain will not profit the country.

Fr. Lungu says the country needs unity more than ever and that this can only come from a sense of common identity.

He notes the need for Zambians to take deliberate steps to work together to amicably solve pressing issues for the sake of national unity, stability and prosperity.

He further states that the Oasis Forum calls on all Zambians, particularly leaders to make forgiveness and love principles to live by and to make sacrifices for the greater good of the country and people.

Fr. Lungu adds that there is need to put into practice Christian virtues by fasting from a spirit of vengeance, hatred, division, violence and lack of respect for human dignity.

He says the Oasis Forum is therefore calling on all leaders in the country, political, religious and civic to come together and transcend whatever differences they may have to once again bring all citizens together.

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