Zambia polarized on Political and Tribal lines

Fr. Cleophus Lungu (Picture by Albert Mpezeni)

Fr. Cleophus Lungu (Picture by Albert Mpezeni)

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has observed that Zambia remains polarized on political and tribal lines, thus the need for political leaders to commit to national dialogue.

ZCCB Secretary General Cleophas Lungu says currently, one cannot say anything without being accused of belonging to either to the ruling party or the opposition.

Fr. Lungu says this is the more reason why the Catholic Church is on record calling for a commitment from political party leaders to sit down and iron out their political differences for the benefit of the country.

He says the church has nominated members to sit on the Steering Commitment that will be spearheading the holding of the dialogue meeting, whose aim is to unite the nation.

Fr. Lungu hopes and prays that the steering committee members will propagate the message of seriousness and commitment to the ideal of having national dialogue.

The ZCCB Secretary General was speaking in an interview with Q-News.

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