Clergyman guides govt on homosexuality

Dr. Bishop Richard Kakuwa

Dr. Bishop Richard Kakuwa

A clergyman has called for cautious approach to homosexuality in relation to HIV transmission.

Dr. Richard Kakuwa says in as much as the government wants to reach out to gay people in preventing the spread of HIV, it is important that the government is not seen to be promoting this vice.

Dr. Kakuwa, who is Apostolic Leader for Access Church Africa, has told QTV News that this is because Zambia is a Christian nation and that homosexuality is not in conformity with Christian values and standards.

He says people practicing homosexuality need prayers and counseling and not promoting what they do.

Dr. Kakuwa has since advised the National AIDS Council to avoid promoting homosexuality in its strategic plans, as way of stopping the spread of HIV in as much as it does not want to leave anyone behind.


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