TIZ concerned with corruption in awarding contracts

Wesley Chibamba

Wesley Chibamba

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has charged that there is a lot of corruption in the awarding of tenders in the construction sector in the country.

Mr. Chibamba has alleged that there is a clique of people that feel entitled to be awarded government contracts to supply goods and services simply because they support the ruling party.

He says this high level of institutionalization corruption should come to an end.

Mr. Chibamba has since urged all government departments and agencies to engage in business transactions that are premised on integrity.

He says this would free resources to be redirected towards other competing interests for which there are no resources.

And Mr. Chibamba has called for institutional, legal and policy reforms around public procurements.

He has reiterated that TIZ is ready to work with the government in bringing about these reforms so that public procurement benefits the Zambian people and not the corrupt few with ties to government officials.


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