Zambians will not appreciate govt admits social hardships – ZCSD

The Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) says Zambians will not appreciate the existence of a government that only aspires for a positive macro-economic environment without attending to undeniable societal hardships.

ZCSD executive Secretary Lewis Mwape explains that a stabilized economy amounts to nothing if citizens remain economically wretched.

He says the living conditions have continued becoming poorer and poorer citing that a stable economy should translate into improved living conditions for the people.

Mr. Mwape says People must have access to cheaper food and other basic necessities before they can appreciate the state of an economy.

He says government needs to go beyond just wanting to have a macro-economic environment stabilized but to also change the lives of citizens noting that If such is done, citizens may begin to appreciate the existence of a government.

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