‘What do you hope to achieve’, Sikota challenges UPND MPs

Opposition UPND MPs have been challenged to tell the nation what they hope to achieve by their continued protests against the legitimacy of President Edgar Lungu.

The opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) is confused and thinks that the UPND MPs are staging their protests out of confusion of what exactly they want to achieve.

Sakwiba-SikotaULP president Sakwiba Sikota says he is personally amused by the UPND MPs protests against President Lungu as they did on Friday by boycotting his address to Parliament.

Mr. Sikota is wondering why UPND MPs have accepted to be called the official opposition when they do not recognize President Lungu and his government as being legitimate.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Sikota who is also a State Counsel is challenging UPND MPs to tell the Speaker of the National Assembly that they are in fact the government and not the official opposition.

Mr. Sikota has encouraged the UPND MPs to also tell the Speaker that they do not want to hold the position of leader of opposition in Parliament.

He is also of the view that if the UPND MPs do not recognize President Lungu they should not take part in the Vice President’s Question Time in Parliament.

Mr. Sikota states that this is because their protests are in contradiction with the position they have accepted to hold in Parliament.

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