High cases of defilement, GBV irks Lungu

President Edgar Lungu Friday address long shortPresident Edgar Lungu says the ever increasing cases of examination malpractices; defilement and gender based violence are indicative of the erosion of good morals and ethics in the Zambian society.

In his state of the nation address to the National Assembly today, President Lungu says if the country remains on this path, the moral fabric will be eroded and this will ultimately tarnish the national identity.

He says there is need for the nation to regain the moral high ground and entrench ethical standards in all transactions and actions.

President Lungu says the application of principles of morals and ethics must be inculcated in the daily lives of the people starting with politicians who in the recent past have demonstrated high levels of intolerance and disrespect for one another.

He says this has trickled down to the youth, cadres and party officials who are emulating bad leadership examples.

President Lungu has since called for an end to this moral decay and called for the enhancement of brotherliness.

The head of State has also urged parents, teachers and religious leaders to take a lead in inculcating high standards of moral and ethical values in the people especially the young starting from families, communities, schools and places of worship.

He says it’s unfortunate that children are patronizing social places such as bars, gambling halls and cinemas which do not instill good morals.

He adds that they also spend time indulging in underage drinking and watching pornographic movies on social media which are both prohibited by Zambian laws.

And President Lungu is equally concerned with the sale of alcoholic beverages in bus stations, markets and other public places including burial sites.

He notes that this is leading to an increased number of accidents on the roads and places of work.

President Lungu adds that the abuse of alcohol exacerbates Gender Based Violence, defilement and transmission of disease in communities including the spread of HIV and Aid.

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