A Quiet Place: The horror movie shaming cinema snack-eaters

horrorA Quiet Place – a newly released horror film about sound-sensitive monsters that hunt humans – is causing cinema-goers to shun their snacks.

The film centres around a family trying to stay alive by living as silently as possible. It is directed by the star of the US version of The Office, John Krasinski, who plays a lead role alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt.

The script has very little dialogue and lots of dramatic (and quiet) tension.

It has already topped the US box office, but is unlikely to be great for cinema popcorn sales, as people have been shaming other movie-goers for eating, or even breathing, too loudly during screenings.

Here are just some of the social media posts from people complaining about others crunching and munching their way through the film.


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