MPs urged to protect Zambia’s diplomatic relations

Prof. Nkandu Luo

Prof. Nkandu Luo

Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo has advised Members of Parliament against talking ill of heads of state of neighboring countries for the sake of protecting Zambia’s diplomatic relations.

Professor Luo was responding to a question by Mazabuka central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo on what the purpose of the recent visit to Zambia by DRC president Joseph Kabila was.

In his question, Mr. Nkombo wanted to find out what lessons Zambia would learn or relations it would build with a man who has a record of committing various atrocities against his people.

In her response, Professor Luo said the DRC president came to Zambia for strengthening of bilateral ties and drawing lessons of how Zambia has achieved the status of being a peaceful nation among other reasons.

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