Govt aware of scheme to dent Zambia’s image to international world

Joseph Malanji

Joseph Malanji

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji says government is aware of a scheme by some politicians to dent the image of the country to the outside world through accusations of corruption.

Mr. Malanji says it is unfortunate that some political players are using the ‘corruption’ guise as a way of earning political mileage.

He says such politicians have chosen to play on the minds of the Zambian people by completely ignoring the measures that government has put in place to fight corruption.

Mr Malanji says the hunger for the presidency is what is leading people to make baseless corruption accusations that cannot be substantiated.

He says President Edgar Lungu will not be distracted in his quest to rid the country of corruption and ensure that he take development to all corners of Zambia.

The Minister was speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he went to attend the African Union Summit that was held under the theme: “Winning the Fight against Corruption: a Sustainable path to Africa’s Transformation.”

And Mr. Malanji says government is pleased that the relocation of ECOSOCC to Lusaka was approved by the summit.

This is contained in a statement issued to QTV News by Zambia Embassy, Addis Ababa First secretary –Press and Tourism by Inutu Mwanza.

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