Mutati lying about IMF deal – FDD

Antonio Mwanza

Antonio Mwanza

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says Finance Minister Felix Mutati should stop misleading the nation with regards the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has accused the Finance Minister of not been honest with regards to the debt situation Zambia is currently in.

He tells QTV News that, contrary to the lies that Mr. Mutati and his government has been feeding the nation about the IMF deal, the truth is that the IMF has suspended talks with Zambia on the IMF loan.

Mr. Mwanza says this is because the IMF does not agree with the PF government’s unsustainable borrowing.

He says the revelations by the IMF that Zambia has the highest debt in the Sub-Saharan region should worry the nation as this is not sustainable.

Meanwhile, People’s Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda tells QTV News in a separate interview that it is very clear that the PF Government failed to meet the IMF demands earlier this year when President Lungu while addressing a press conference castigated the IMF that if they want they can go with their money.

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