Dr. Chilufya supports the nullification of exams for nurses

Chitalu Chilufya - Health Minister

Chitalu Chilufya – Health Minister

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya says it is only right and proper that the November 20th General Nursing Council examination was nullified following gross examination malpractice and leakage, in order to preserve patient safety, aspire for quality health service delivery and maintain integrity.

Dr Chilufya has told Parliament the General Nursing Council of Zambia had to exercise its due responsibility and invoke provisions under the nurses and midwives Act 31 of 1997 to nullify the examinations.

He says the Council is mandated by law to promote patient safety, protect members of the general public from unsafe nursing practices and to uphold the quality, integrity and professionalism among all members and those that aspire to be members.

Dr Chilufya says 1,797 eligible students in 30 colleges of nursing and midwifery; both private and public have been affected by the nullification of the theory exams.

He however, states that all practical examinations for eligible students in the 30 colleges countrywide are proceedings as originally scheduled as they are not affected by the leakage.

He adds that the nullified exams have been replaced by a complete new set of examinations scheduled to start on 11th December and end on 18th December,2017.

Asked by Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili how it was discovered that the exam had been leaked, Dr Chilufya said a whistleblower alerted one of the staff at the General Nursing Council about a soft copy of the examination which was circulating on WhatsApp.

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