Chikwanda advises against welcoming dubious investors

Former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has advised government to be self reliant, and not welcome foreign investors with dubious and substandard investments.

Mr. Chikwanda says there is need to increase production in rural areas if the country is to experience enhanced economic prospects.

Chikwanda ABHe notes that pervasive poverty has continued being the greatest challenge in the country, and Africa at large.

Mr Chikwanda He says the growing population from the time Zambia attained independence, has made it difficult for job creation, thereby contributing to high poverty levels in the country.

Speaking during the Patriotic Front’s weekly media interactive forum, the former Finance Minister states that infrastructural development which government embarked on will be able to provide revenue for the country in the long run, but that it does not provide long-term employment for Zambians.

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