Sumaili calls for translation of Bible into local languages

Rev Sumaili

Rev Sumaili

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has expressed concern that out of Zambia’s 72 ethnic groups, only less than 20 have the entire bible translated into their own language.

Rev. Sumaili has observed the need to be proud of the languages as a nation and celebrate the country’s cultural diversity by promoting the use of the local languages as it is part of the national values.

Speaking during the launch of the gospels of Luke in Kunda in Lusaka, Rev. Sumaili says translating the Bible into Kunda or any Zambian languages should not be the work of the Kunda’s alone but that of all Christians who are walking in obedience of Christ’s command to share the Gospel to all ethnic groupings.

She has since implored the Church in the country to support the work of Bible translation into local languages.

Reading on her behalf, by the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Permanent Secretary, Sabina Chifwepa, Rev Sumaili says the launch will raise awareness of the importance of making the word of God available to all.

Speaking at the same event, Kunda Bible Translation Fundraising Chairperson brigadier general, Fridah Kazembe says Christians need to deepen their knowledge and integration of the Word of God by making it the basis of their Christian lives.

Dr. Kazembe has since thanked members of the Committee for the long hours they put into the work of translation.


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