Africa becoming increasingly frustrated, Lungu tells UN


President Edgar Lungu says Africa is increasingly becoming frustrated with the lack of progress in the negotiations for a permanent United Nations Security Council seat.

Addressing the plenary of the high level segment of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, President Lungu says for the UN to be effective and efficient there is need to reform the world body.

President Lungu says Zambia believes that the UN reforms will not be complete without meaningful reformation on the Security Council.

He says reform of the Security Council to make it more representative, democratic and accountable to all member states, irrespective of status, is essential for its decisions to be accepted by the whole international community.

President Lungu states that given that Africa constitutes the second largest bloc of the UN membership, proposals to reform the Security Council should heed Africa’s legitimate call.

He says it is time to move away from the deliberate attempt to create a maze of an otherwise clear question.

And President Lungu has called on the United Nations to redouble its efforts to bring about a more peaceful world.

He says the UN should not relent on its duty to vulnerable person who have found their security under threat for various reasons.

He states that the commitment should not be limited to preventing conflict, but should go further to seek the protection of the victims of conflict, including the displaced persons.

President Lungu notes the need cooperation in providing for a conducive environment for victims of conflicts in respect of their human rights and their social development and wellbeing.

The Head of State says in this regard, he in June this year assented to Zambia’s Refugees Act No.1,of 2017 which further speaks to this noble duty and, replaces the 1970 law.

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