Journalists urged to be sensitive

General Malimba Masheke

General Malimba Masheke

Journalists in the country have been urged to be sensitive when reporting especially on issues relating to conflict.

Universal Peace Federation Chairman, General Malimba Masheke says the Media has a duty to preach a message of peace and reconciliation, as development without peace is not sustainable.

Speaking during a conference on the role of the media in peace building in Lusaka today, General Masheke says there is need for media practitioners to promote peace when reporting on controversial issues by desisting from fuelling negative perceptions which eventually culminate into violence.

He says the Media has the power to dilute tensions before they even reach a critical point by providing credible information which reaches a large audience.

And speaking earlier, former Information Minister Mike Mulongoti has advised the media to continue promoting peace in the country especially during this difficult time.

Government has been urged to sustain the lifting of the maize export ban throughout this year’s crop marketing season for farmers to benefit.

MMD Felix Mutati led faction National Secretary Raphael Nakachinda says his party is against the reinforcement of restrictions as government usually does when the private sectors comes on the market.

Mr. Nakachinda says government should not repeat what happened last year when it imposed a ban on the export of maize and left grain traders to struggle with huge volumes of maize in their possession.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Nakachinda has called on Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya to allow the participation of the private sector in this year’s crop marketing season in a predictable manner.

Mr. Nakachinda states that this is the only way the benefit will accrue to the hardworking farmers in the country.

He has warned that failure on the part of government to manage the crop marketing season properly will render the projected bumper harvest worthless.

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