Vongo urges speedy enactment of Traditional Medicine law

Traditional Healers Association of Zambia Dr. Rodwel Vongo has appealed to government to expedite the process on the Traditional Medicine Bill to help regulate the sale of traditional medicines in Zambia.

Dr-Vongo1Dr. Vongo says there are a lot of mushrooming of traditional Healers hence the need for government to regulate the sale of herbal medicines.

He has noted that at the moment government has no control whatsoever over the traditional medicine been sold in the streets because the Bill is yet to be tabled before parliament.

Dr. Vongo says once the Bill is passed government will now have authority to regulate it will help reduce a number of traditional healers.

And Dr. Vongo says the importance of complementary and alternative medicine also known as traditional medicine cannot be over emphasized as it will help serve many lives.

He explains that the purpose of this bill is to establish an agency of government that can regulate, monitor and create acceptable standard in alternative and traditional medicine industry as well as eliminate quacks.

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