Sinkamba urges plan ‘b’ to the Trump’s ‘America First’ plans

The Green Party has urged the PF government to  promptly develop a plan ‘b’ strategy to confront the reality of US president Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ plans.

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says failure to do this may cause Zambia to suffer grave consequences.

He says the United States assistance, estimated at US$ 250 million per year, focuses on improving health with a particular focus on women and vulnerable children.

Mr. Sinkamba notes that this is besides reducing the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS and other illnesses as well as increasing agriculture-led development.

Mr. Sinkamba says the Trump’s “America First” however is protectionism whose on immigration, aid, trade and taxation must thus be taken seriously by Zambia.

He states that his party foresees  a likelihood of a big shift in the US assistance to Countries like Zambia.

Mr. Sinkamba has since urged the Zambian government to urgently seek strategies to ensure continuity of programmes to be affected by the Trump policies.

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