HRC probes ZAF officer killing in Police cells

HRC (1)

The Human Rights Commission has launched investigations into the killing of a Zambia Air Force officer in Police cells at Woodlands Police Station.

Commissions Spokesperson Mweelwa Muleya says the Commission strongly condemns the alleged killing of Sergeant Mark Choongwa who was in custody at Woodlands Police on Saturday, 18th March ,2017.

Mr Muleya says the Commission wants to ensure that justice is done.

He notes that what is clear and in the public domain, and not in dispute so far is the fact that the ZAF officer, died after being brutally beaten, but that what seems to be in dispute is whether or not he was beaten by either the inmates or the Police Officers at Woodlands Police Station.

Mr Muleya says it is the responsibility of the State to protect the rights of persons in their custody, including from harm arising from third parties such as inmates.

He states that where any arbitrariness has occurred such as in the death of the ZAF officer, the State has an obligation to effectively and promptly take necessary steps to secure appropriate redress to victims and/or their families and to also punish perpetrators of human rights violations to end impunity.

Mr Muleya has also disclosed that the Commission is also investigating the death of a 26 years old man, Kelvin Kabango, who died in Kabwe General Hospital on 9th March 2017, after allegedly being tortured by the Police Officers at Landless Corner Police Post in Chisamba District to compel him to confess having stolen farming equipment.

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