Stop Mocking Election Losers-UPPZ Advises

United, Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President Charles Chanda has advised president Edgar Lungu to stop mocking those who lost in last year’s elections.

Mr Chanda says president Lungu should instead extend a hand of reconciliation to those who still aggrieved over the elections.

He says it is wrong for the president at this point to claim that some people have failed to heal from last year’s elections.

Mr. Chanda says the head of state has a duty to ensure there is peace and unity in the country and should therefore invite those who are still aggrieved for dialogue in the spirit of reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda has advised pf secretary general Davies Mwila to mind his statements which have the potential to cause chaos in the country.

He notes that the pf chief executive officer has on several occasions issued inciting statements to pf cadres.

Mr Chanda points out that the recent demonstration at the law association of Zambia came as a follow up to Mr Mwila’s declaration of political war against Laz President Linda Kasonde.


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