Olkkonen welcomes Lungu’s directive to review Land Act

The Finish ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s directive that the Land Act and Policy be reviewed.

Mr. Olkkonen says he finds the idea by President Lungu, as indicated in his Friday speech to Parliament, to preserve land for future generations to be interesting.

8acx2nkebjlk4aih5ojylsj9mqu927bIn an interview with QTV News Mr. Olkkonen says he is however aware that for some investors that want to come to Zambia the issue of land and security of tenure are very important.

Mr. Olkkonen states that his hope therefore is that when the new Land Act And Policy are introduced they will also be conducive for private domestic and foreign investments.

He says he understands that, for example, in matters of forestry there is need to have access of land for a long time and that this is what investors are thinking about.

Mr. Olkkonen notes that this is one issue that thus kept him thinking when President Lungu directed the Ministry of Lands to come up with a revised Land Act.

He says he has also taken note that in his speech to Parliament President Lungu spoke about corruption a vice which he says Finland is keen to see action taken on.

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