ZRA to start imposing taxes imported goods at borders

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda says ZRA will start collecting tax from foreigners selling imported goods at all borders using an open market.

Mr. Chanda notes traders mainly from the neighboring countries are not registered for local taxes but generate income in Zambia, change it in dollars and drive back into their countries.

Mr. Chanda says it is illegal for such an act to be left unchecked as it does not benefit the country.

He has since directed the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes to work out mechanisms for collection, immediately.

Mr Chanda has also called for an emergency meeting with the concessionaire at Kasumbalesa Border Post to discuss the remaining deliverables on the contract, owing to the fact that while the concessionaire is collecting a lot of money at the border, the systems are not working properly, the border is congested and processing is slow.

The ZRA Commissioner General said what is obtaining at the border is unacceptable because the contractual deliverables are critical to the smooth operations of the border.

Mr. Chanda said this after a tour of Kasumbalesa Border Post today to check on issues of smuggling.

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