Children International urges support for children’s education

Children International Zambia has noted the need to support children’s education in order to reduce the high poverty levels in the country.

CIZ Agency Director Sikamena Siyumbwa has told journalists in Lusaka that it is for this reason that his organization is currently supporting over 15, 000 children in Zambia in areas of health, education, empowerment and employment.

He says the organization is spending over US$1 million on children programs in Zambia every year.

Mr. Siyumbwa says if poverty has to be reduced, it must be addressed from the grassroots by educating, providing health services and empowering the young ones so that when they grow up they can fend for themselves.

He says currently, his organisation is supporting over 100 tertiary education students with the support of the United States of America.

Meanwhile, Mr. Siyumbwa says the National Assembly has approached his organization to help supply books to various constituency resource centers in the county.

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