TPAZ wants economic Indaba to be held

TPAZ Vice President Charles Masange

TPAZ Vice President Charles Masange

The Timber Producers Association of Zambia (TPAZ) has reemphasized the need for Zambia to hold an economic Indaba in order to diversify Zambia’s economy.

The Association feels that the nation can benefit a lot from the sector in earning some foreign exchange during this difficult time.

TPAZ Vice President Charles Masange says President Edgar Lungu should emulate late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who called for an indaba in the wood sector and the nation benefited greatly from earnings in the wood sector.

Mr. Masange states that at this indaba, various stakeholders can discuss various means and ways that the nation can realize earnings from the wood sector.

He says implementing what he has termed as ‘bookish ideas’, in government ministries will not help the nation in any way.

Mr. Masange has told QTV News that this is the more reason why stakeholders in the wood sector and other sectors should convene in discussing best practices in getting fare share from the wood sector.

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