TIZ demands for a report from Lungu over Zambia – Malawi maize deal

President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has demanded for a report from President Edgar Lungu over the revelations from Malawi where he and the Agriculture Minister have been cited to have been the main players of the scandalous maize deal.

TIZ Acting Executive Director Wesley Chibamba says the organization is worried that the Head of State has failed to come out to dispel the accusations coming from the report.

Mr. Chibamba has told QTV News that it is only prudent that government comes out clean on this matter and explains to the Zambian people what really happened.

He wonders who was exporting the Maize when the country had a maize ban.

Mr. Chibamba says it is important that the people of Zambia are given the answers than leaving them to speculate which in turn may result in the people losing confidence in their own government.

Mr. Chibamba has since challenged President Lungu to demonstrate his commitment to his anti-corruption slogan that a corruption free Zambia starts with him by clearing the air on this matter.

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