I’m the people’s choice – Lungu

Hon LunguDefense and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu  has  charged  there is no  doubt  that  he is the people’s preferred candidate  ahead of the Patriotic Front general  conference  slated  for this week.

Mr. Lungu has told Qfm News in an interview that he has not chosen to go for the presidency but the people want him.

Mr. Lungu states that it is clear with the support he is getting from cabinet ministers and Central Committee Members of the PF that have continued to support him.

He has since emphasized that his supporters are ready to go for the general conference.

Report by Nancy Chenga


  1. 24/11/2014
    As the Zambia Republican Party ZRP, we are convinced that the cartel as already penetrated the ruling Patriotic Front PF through the acting president Dr Guy Scott and are spending sleepless nights until they stop their perceived enemy number one, Edgar Lungu by any means.
    They have sponsored some individuals just to spoil the chances of the people’s choice as well as late president Michael Sata’s preferred man, while are also busy scheming other means. So our humble and earnest advise to all our people especially those mandated to vote at the next PF general conference is that whenever the members of cartel give you money, please get it and chew, but vote Edgar Lungu and never sell mother Zambia to these evil people with evil hidden agenda.
    AS ZRP, will strongly feel that if our people make a mistake and vote any member of the cartel, no doubt both State house and Supreme Court will move to Bwingi nfumu. All major government contracts and influential positions will be given to members of the cartel in judiciary, Foreign Service and cabinet among others. Marketers will be removed from the street and any one perceived to be the enemy of the cartel will be witch hunted and prosecuted at Buinji nfumu.
    The evils we have witnessed as the nation whenever the cartel have come close to or has hijacked State house or the president will be more tolerable than this time if our people make a mistake of voting any of their member.
    As for Hon. Chishimba Kambwili our humble advice as the REPUBLICANS is that please you are better off working with the people’s choice, Edgar Lungu than the cartel. By this we are not in any way insinuating that Hon Kambili is working with them, no. Our fear is that the way they have started singing praises for him, whenever they feel that he has spoken against Edgar Lungu he might be brain washed into thinking that after all they care for him. The cartel will just use and mess him up. It’s possible to hang around with un tamed hungry lion or cobra than the cartel.
    As ZRP we also want to urge the Church in Zambia to wake up from slumber and pray before it’s late. Someone once said and I court Evil wins when good people do nothing! Please let the righteous pray for mother Zambia.

    God bless mother Zambia!

    Wright Musoma
    ZRP President.
    Cell: 0955 769144

  2. Team Eddie my choice.

  3. Pf shud act fast because any time from now the army can take I personly I do not want I my countery and I do not want to start runing from mother zambia

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